Have you get to wonder how we humans are one minute we are happy about someone thinking about how much value they have added to our life until they did something that hurt our ego. And there everything we were grateful for we no longer feel that way. 

    Our mind keeps searching for stuff they did in past to fuel the rage we feel inside. Even the good deeds they did in the past for us, cease to be meaningful to us. We start telling ourselves they should have done more or they did that because you have been good to them. The mind doesn’t stop, it keeps twist everything kind done by that person to bad.

    At this point, you are viewing that person from the perspective of resentment. So no matter how good they were to you will not appreciate it. Even by reminding yourself about good time doesn’t feel good anymore. But your mind will still find fault on that too. 


    1. Noticing your thinking not to judge but become aware of it. Paying close attention to the thoughts, don’t even trying to replace it with a good thought, simply examine it. 
    2. Sing or chant a mantra with your inside voice over and over. 

    By doing any of the two tactics, you will gradually decrease, negative thought running on your mind that fuel the feeling of anger towards that person. 

    until next time, be true to yourself. 

  • Creating an extraordinary life- Jim Rohn

    The power of extraordinary performance
    Demanding of yourself excellent results is very important. If you want to live an extraordinary, you must have an extraordinary lifestyle. You want an exceptional income, you must do extraordinary things. If you want a remarkable fortune, you must do what it takes to have that fortune.

    The world doesn’t require that you improve your health, you have to demand of yourself. I bet if you want good health, you have to take responsibility for eating right to eat right and exercise. Schedule in the time for that.

    Society doesn’t oblige that you read a couple of books a week to improve your intelligence and knowledge. You must demand of yourself. Neither does inquire that you build a financial wall around your family. You must demand that if you wish it. You must command it of yourself.

    Until next time be true to yourself.

  • How to be thankful

    ​Take a moment and appreciate what is going in your life. It may be a difficult situation you are going through right now or a happy moment or even nothing is happening. Nothing lasts forever. Look back to your childhood home is still the same as you were a child? Are you in that same place for the last 10 years? Even if you are there something has changed if you take a deep look around you will see.

    Most of our life is full of regrets of action we should have taken in the past or the action we took that ends up becoming a hell of an experience that until today we are horrified by or happy with.

    So let’s start by forgiving ourselves and promise that we will take a close look at the moments, things, people and our environment. Enjoying all the things you possess, knowing that they won’t last long. Value the connection you have they don’t last forever. Take care of your environments, see what value you can add to your surroundings.

    Until next time be true to your self.

  • How to get clarity on what you want.

    Do you get stuck on thinking if you are on the right path or not? The Feel is overwhelming and confusing about where you are to where you want to go.

    You aren’t alone everyone goes through that stage in their life. I am on that stage of life too. Trying to define which path to take that will fulfill me as a person. Taking advice from family and society but still asking myself what do i want?

    Do what you love, follow your passion and look for a profitable career, that is the most common advice you get from people. Sometimes the advice sounds good and safe to follow. Other times if feel terrifying especially when you don’t know what exactly you want in your life.

    It’s okay to not know what you want at the moment, that just means you have the job to figure it out. Write down anything that interests you and starts to explore them, during your spare time. It is a journey of hell of a fun and pushing your limit to discover your self at the same time exhausting. But remember to enjoy every bit of it.

    Until next time be true to yourself.

  • A Message for you; Happy New Year 2020

    Wishing you a happy new year with the hope that………..

    You will take action towards your dream and desires. Let 2020 be the year you work to become the best version of yourself.

    May we all be conscious of what we consume and exercise to have good health in 2020.

    Surround yourself with people that will push you towards your goals. May 2020 you be a friend who adds value to your family and friends.

    You resolve to stop wasting time on the social media content that doesn’t add value in your life.

    Let us look back at the past year with the warmest of memories and learn from the mistake we did in 2019. No one can go back in 2019 to change what has happened, so let’s work on the present to make ourselves a wonderful year.

    2020 has brought another chance for us to set things right and open up a new chapter in our lives. May you be happy the whole year doing things that bring that.

    Unlike what most people think it is never too late to be what you wish to be. So lets us go after what wants to become in 2020. May you live up to the promises you have made and may you create for you and your loved ones the happiest New Year ever.

    Until next time be true to yourself.

  • Communication- The real key to influence me

    The real key to influence me is with your example, your actual conduct. Your ​​example flows naturally out of your character, of the kind of person you truly are — not what others say you are or what you may want me to think you are. It is evident in how I experience you.

    Your character is constantly radiating, communicating. From it, in the long run, I come to instinctively trust or distrust you and your efforts with me.

    If your life runs hot and cold, if you’re both caustic and kind, and, above all, if your private performance doesn’t square with your public performance, it’s very hard for me to open up with you.

    Then, as much as I may want and even need to receive your love and influence, I don’t feel safe enough to expose my opinions and experiences and my tender feelings.

    Who knows what will happen? But unless I open up with you, unless you understand me and my unique situation and feelings, you won’t know how to advise or counsel me.

    What you say is good and fine, but it doesn’t quite pertain to me. You may say you care about and appreciate me. I desperately want to believe that. But how can you appreciate me when you don’t even understand me? All I have are your words, and I can’t trust words.

    I’m too angry and defensive — perhaps too guilty and afraid — to be influenced, even though inside I know I need what you could tell me. Unless you’re influenced by my uniqueness, I’m not going to be influenced by your advice.

    So if we want to be effective in the habit of interpersonal communication, we cannot do it with technique alone. We have to build the skills of empathic listening on a base of character that inspires openness and trust. And we have to build the Emotional Bank Accounts that create commerce between hearts.

    Until next time Be true to yourself.

    Reference from The 7 Habits of highly effective people.

  • The Love of God

    Gentle as silence
    OH, the love of my Lord is the essence
    of all that i love here on earth
    All the beauty i see Hear has given to me
    and is giving is gentle as silence

    Every day, every moment, every hour
    Have been blessed by the strength of His love
    At the turn of each tide, His there by my side
    and his touch is as gentle as silence.

    Until next time be true to yourself.

  • After thinking Action follows.

    You can’t possibly take any action through thinking. I will explain with the experience i had recently.

    The other day i decided to start waking up at 5.00 am. So i set my alarm before going to bed, In the morning when my alarm went off. I hit the snooze button and went back to laying on the bed. I was deeply emergence in thinking about why should I rise or continue sleeping. An hour went by while i was still having conversations with myself.

    Finally, I came to my realization thinking alone can’t help me get off the bed. It can only point out to me reasons why i should or shouldn’t. So without stopping thinking or trying to convince me otherwise, I pull the blanket of myself and stood up.

    Thinking alone while knowing exactly what to do, that is the problem. I knew i should wake up, but i was thinking instead of doing. Most of us are caught up in this loop of thinking instead of doing. When you know what to do go ahead and execute it.

    Until next time be true to yourself.

  • What are you feeding your mind?

    From the time we wake up until we go to bed, We have been feeding ourselves. You may not realize that, but we are always feeding ourselves. From the movie, tv-show we watch, social media, people we surround ourselves with, the books and magazines we read. The thoughts we dwell upon and what we listen to. Here is the key, whatever you feed yourself it grows.

    We are shaped by the community we are living in, the people we come into contact with. The friend we acquired along the way, books we read and the partners we date. We may not like what we see or hear on social media feeds, Tv shows watch or the people who are around us. But we have a choice of choosing the content that empowers and make us grow.

    The person we are today is the result of what we have been feeding ourselves. So let us start paying attention to what we are consuming daily. We have to create awareness of things and people we come in contact with.

    Until next time be true to yourself.

  • Morning gratitude affirmations.

    Having morning gratitude affirmations or prayer is a good way we can remind ourselves to take nothing for granted and to appreciate even the smallest things in our lives. Starting the day with positive intent makes our day goes smoother. Let’s pray.

    I am grateful to open my eyes today and for another chance to live my life and for a new start. To feel the breath in my lungs and beating in my heart. And for today and for the opportunities in the next 24 hours. I welcome the chance to do something amazing with the day today day.

    To make the most of today. Energize my thoughts, I focus on my intention and I remind myself of how far I’ve come and believed that I can still go the distance to whatever goal and vision I have in mind. I remind myself of the achievements accomplished. And Channel my focus to today and Beyond. To make the most of the next 24 hours.

    I am grateful for this body and vow to treat it well, to eat well, To nourish, hydrate, exercise it, stretch it, move it and relaxed it.

    I’m grateful for my mind. I commit to using it well to focus on learning and applying knowledge gained. To reflect and to hold myself accountable. Stay humble, agree to talk and think well of myself and others. I direct my focus only on the positive and let go of wasteful thinking.

    To let go of dwelling on the past whatever no more lessons learned. I let go of fear and anxiety about the future. And instead focus on what I can control my action, my thoughts, my reactions and my intent.

    I’m grateful for the people in my life who are supportive and those I have learned from. I take a moment to remember all the small and great things are done for me, there is so much to be grateful for. Whether a door held wide open a smile from a stranger or the gift of time and attention from another.

    I’m grateful for what I give myself, the time to reflect alone. To clarify my thoughts to remind myself to continue. For courage, I have to do what feels right instead of following the crowd. Balancing listening to others and listening to myself. Balancing rational thought and the guidance of intuition.

    I am grateful for the basics to breathe, to eat, to sleep and to move. Remind me that not everyone has these basics. I remind myself that I am privileged to have these. Today is all I have and I promise to use my time well. I’m grateful for this day these 24 hours.

    I’m grateful for the potential that lies inside of me. I promised myself to use my time well, to use my thoughts, feelings and actions well. To be clear on my intent. To be flexible and adaptable. Respond with good grace to life unexpected events.

    To work towards the best that I can be, to continue with my goals. Stay strong and ignore distractions. To let others negativity just passed by. I refuse to feed my doubts, I commit to being the best that I can be today. From thinking and the clarifying intention. From Vision to action with the time, energy and resources available.

    To be the best in heart, mind, body and spirit for myself and others. To give the best of myself. As I focus and set an intention, as a clarifying my vision and next actions. I am grateful for today and I am ready for today. Amen

    Until next time be true to yourself