Be grateful

Learning to appreciate small things that are given to you every day by the universe is the most profound experience. It lifts you in state of in peace, joy and happiness.

Being thankful for small things done to you is the best habit to incorporate in your life. You get an unlimited supply of oxygen to your lungs every single day, without asking or buying. It's freely given to you. So let's take a moment and say thanks for the basic things in our lives today. Thank you for the Breath, Food, Clothes, Shelter. Eyes, Legs, Hands and etc. Truly we can't outrun things to appreciate in our lives. Living your life in a state of gratefulness elevate your spirit to a new level. No matter what situation you are in look for something to be grateful.

Trading all your expectations with gratitude can go along way. Instead of getting mad over something your sister, brother, mum, dad, or a friend didn't do. When you asked or they supposed to do and they didn't. Focus on how much value they add by being a part of your life. At some point, they did listen, help and support you. I know most of the time we are deeply consumed with pain to see the good deeds they have done to our life. But as soon you caught yourself complaining shift your feelings to gratitude.

Thank you for reading this article.

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