• How I made 13,000 ksh

    How I made 13,000 ksh by putting aside a small amount of my earning in Stima Sacco.

    I open an account in 2015 and I started saving as low as 50ksh into my account. In 2016 I received my first divide. Which I decided to transfer back to my saving account. I continued saving every single month without stopping.
    The year 2017 I did got a dividend again which I didn’t withdraw either I transfer to the saving account. I didn’t stop from there I continued saving and am proud to tell you this year I received 13,000ksh as a dividend.

    These are the steps to get you started.
    Before I tell you the steps let me tell you the benefits of saving your money in Sacco.

    A.) When you take a loan from Sacco, you are still saving.

    B.) You get a dividend every year.

    C.) They charge one percent interest per month, at a reducing balance.

    D.) For loan collateral, they ask for guarantors.

    Let’s get back to steps

    1. Go and open the account with sitmasacco.
    2. Start putting 10% or more of your earning every single month your account.
    3. Never stop putting in cash to your account even if it is 20ksh. Eventually, that small amount will be compounded to a larger amount.
    4. Let your money earn interest for you.

    I’m not the only who received dividend a lot of people did include my friends/family made way more than me.

    I recommend reading Rich man in Baylon.

  • How your ego can ruin your day.

    So the other day my colleague was telling me how I should manage some tasks, she insisted on telling me why my way isn’t efficient. In the process of her explaining to me, I felt all kinds of negative emotion, I was hurting, I felt undermined and disrespected. Literally, my inside voice couldn’t stop talking. We all have those days when your thoughts hurt so much, to a point you wish your mind to stop analyzing the situation.

    The day went smoothly, but within me, I felt low, I keep replaying what she said to me over and over and over getting the same feelings.

    After a long day from work I normally, unwind my day with a long shower, good food and read a book or watch a movie/show and sleep. On that particular night, I decided to browse the internet and came across on famous quotes from Mattew McConaughey. This caught my attention.

    “If someone corrects you and you feel offended, then you have an ego problem.”

    Once I read it, something in me lights up, I started to remember the incident with my colleague where I let my ego ruin my day.

    Let us define Ego
    A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
    The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.

    The truth is what is being said to you doesn’t matter whether its right or wrong how you interpret it. At the end of the day, you don’t have to accept or agree with someone opinion.

  • Be grateful

    Learning to appreciate small things that are given to you every day by the universe is the most profound experience. It lifts you in state of in peace, joy and happiness.

    Being thankful for small things done to you is the best habit to incorporate in your life. You get an unlimited supply of oxygen to your lungs every single day, without asking or buying. It's freely given to you. So let's take a moment and say thanks for the basic things in our lives today. Thank you for the Breath, Food, Clothes, Shelter. Eyes, Legs, Hands and etc. Truly we can't outrun things to appreciate in our lives. Living your life in a state of gratefulness elevate your spirit to a new level. No matter what situation you are in look for something to be grateful.

    Trading all your expectations with gratitude can go along way. Instead of getting mad over something your sister, brother, mum, dad, or a friend didn't do. When you asked or they supposed to do and they didn't. Focus on how much value they add by being a part of your life. At some point, they did listen, help and support you. I know most of the time we are deeply consumed with pain to see the good deeds they have done to our life. But as soon you caught yourself complaining shift your feelings to gratitude.

    Thank you for reading this article.

  • Day to day Apps that can add value to your life.


    Flo holds one of the top spots for female calendars and period trackers. It's available for both Google Play and Apple store users. And if you are one of those women who doesn't like to carry pads every day, with a notification from the app when to aspect your period you can start to carry your tampons and pads.

    Google Tasks

    It's a Really basic app. Write down a task along with a few subtasks. Do the task, and mark it off. Yes, it's a task app you'll definitely like it, especially when are those people writing down your to-do list on a notebook since its an app on your phone you get to carry it anywhere you go.


    Shoot and edit your images with this app.  This app is for both photographer and anyone who wants a good photo filter app for Instagram photos. If you ever want to know more you should read this article.

    Wallets: keep track of your expenses

    This app helps in tracking your expenses. also, help in planning and budget your money. A huge number of expense and income category icons Powerful, customizable filters for expense, income, and transfer records. Possibility to save your personal finance data in a separate file Support of almost all world currencies.

    Feel free to share your favourite app with us.

    Untill next time be true to yourself.