• Becoming

    Who are you becoming? Understand this can help you define a clear picture of a person you are aspiring to be. Whether you are aware that you are choosing or not, But still, you are becoming something. Let us say the goal is to be a millionaire. Do you have it written down and plan to achieve it? What are the skills you are gaining now, books you are reading and The people you surround yourself with that helps you to stay focus towards your goal? Most of the times I have found myself saying I want to be this or I should do, that but I don’t. Why is…

  • How your ego can ruin your day.

    So the other day my colleague was telling me how I should manage some tasks, she insisted on telling me why my way isn’t efficient. In the process of her explaining to me, I felt all kinds of negative emotion, I was hurting, I felt undermined and disrespected. Literally, my inside voice couldn’t stop talking. We all have those days when your thoughts hurt so much, to a point you wish your mind to stop analyzing the situation. The day went smoothly, but within me, I felt low, I keep replaying what she said to me over and over and over getting the same feelings. After a long day from…

  • Be grateful

    Learning to appreciate small things that are given to you every day by the universe is the most profound experience. It lifts you in state of in peace, joy and happiness. Being thankful for small things done to you is the best habit to incorporate in your life. You get an unlimited supply of oxygen to your lungs every single day, without asking or buying. It's freely given to you. So let's take a moment and say thanks for the basic things in our lives today. Thank you for the Breath, Food, Clothes, Shelter. Eyes, Legs, Hands and etc. Truly we can't outrun things to appreciate in our lives. Living…


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