• what you are seeking is the feeling

    If I  tell you what you are seeking is the feeling, not the material. It may seem like but isn’t true. Look closely at your desire, wants and need one aspect that keeps coming out. How it’s going to make you feel once attain the object of your desire. However, Once you have achieved your object desire, you Immediately want to scale out for another want. It is our human nature to want to achieve more in life.

    The history of human life

    If you look at the history of human life, you can see we have evolved over the century compared to other animals. Our need to improve our survival lay in our inner being as a man. It is what makes us dominant being compares to other living things. The history It gives you a sense of how things have changed compared to old times, How men transform. We are still building and transform up to date.

    You are currently leaving your dreams

    Think of something that you did want in the past, what happened after you achieved it. Do you still desire as much as before you have it? I am quite sure that strong emotions have ceased to be. The favourite toys stop being your favourite. Your dream house starts feeling like just a house. The dream car feels like the old version. a
    A new model looks better. The truth is where you are, things you have used to be a dream at some point.

    At one point in your life, you have to realize your desire and wants are tied-up to the feeling it will offer you. How driving ranger rover makes you feel. The confidence you feel, learning new skills. Everything is we do and want is to immersion ourselves on the feeling it brings. The crazy part it might even self-destruction feels we want to experience.

    In short, we are human beings drive-by emotions. We form our values, beliefs and opinions base on how we feel. And It is our responsibility to master our emotions. With the mastering of it, we can see what is driving us.

    Until next time be true to yourself.