Day to day Apps that can add value to your life.


Flo holds one of the top spots for female calendars and period trackers. It’s available for both Google Play and Apple store users. And if you are one of those women who doesn’t like to carry pads every day, with a notification from the app when to aspect your period you can start to carry your tampons and pads.

Google Tasks

It’s a Really basic app. Write down a task along with a few subtasks. Do the task, and mark it off. Yes, it’s a task app you’ll definitely like it, especially when are those people writing down your to-do list on a notebook since its an app on your phone you get to carry it anywhere you go.


Shoot and edit your images with this app.  This app is for both photographers and anyone who wants a good photo filter app for Instagram photos. If you ever want to know more you should read this article.

Wallets: keep track of your expenses

This app helps in tracking your expenses. also, help in planning and budget your money. A huge number of expense and income category icons Powerful, customizable filters for expense, income, and transfer records. Possibility to save your personal finance data in a separate file Support of almost all world currencies.

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