How I made 13,000 ksh

How I made 13,000 ksh by putting aside a small amount of my earning in Stima Sacco.

I open an account in 2015 and I started saving as low as 50ksh into my account. In 2016 I received my first divide. Which I decided to transfer back to my saving account. I continued saving every single month without stopping.
The year 2017 I did got a dividend again which I didn’t withdraw either I transfer to the saving account. I didn’t stop from there I continued saving and am proud to tell you this year I received 13,000ksh as a dividend.

These are the steps to get you started.
Before I tell you the steps let me tell you the benefits of saving your money in Sacco.

A.) When you take a loan from Sacco, you are still saving.

B.) You get a dividend every year.

C.) They charge one percent interest per month, at a reducing balance.

D.) For loan collateral, they ask for guarantors.

Let’s get back to steps

  1. Go and open the account with sitmasacco.
  2. Start putting 10% or more of your earning every single month your account.
  3. Never stop putting in cash to your account even if it is 20ksh. Eventually, that small amount will be compounded to a larger amount.
  4. Let your money earn interest for you.

I’m not the only who received dividend a lot of people did include my friends/family made way more than me.

I recommend reading Rich man in Baylon.

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