The art of listening

The art of listening

Can we listen without passing our prejudice? or Listening from the speaker’s perception. While at the same time, not losing your opinion, But having an open mind to analyzed both the speaker’s idea and your own. Without labelling, which is one right and wrong.

Creating a platform 

The art of listening is to create an environment where the speaker can express their thoughts freely. Without the feeling of being judged for it,

Where we are Listening from a place of empathy., Trying to see the world through their viewpoints and to understand their emotions. It will not happen if you are judging the other person as they are talking. It will dampen the conversation because you will be sending all sorts of subtle nonverbal cues that you have an opinion about what they are saying.

Every time you go into the discussion, to understand their perspective, free of any judgment, people will open up. Because they will feel they can trust you to respect what they are saying.

When we give them time and room to express themselves, They will start to hear what they are trying to say even have a solution to the problem. I believe every individual can find a solution or come up with ways to figure the solution. All they need is a platform to discover it by speaking out their thoughts freely give them the opportunity to that exactly.

A good listener is a good dancing partner, a partner who understands every move counts. And willing to follow your lead. A good lister gives the speaker undivided attention. He/she follow your story. And to see what you are trying to communicate. For you to be a good listener, you should approach every conversation in your daily life. As an invitation to play with kids. Because when listening to children, we are lucky not to judge them but understand them.

Until next time be true to yourself.

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