• How to use social media as a tool?

    Use social media as a tool to improve yourself, add value to people and yourself. Social media is a powerful tool. But for you to use it as a tool, you have to understand it is a tool and structure your social media account in a position where you can benefit from it.

    • Consume the content that adds value to you.

    By just following people who post value information and inspire you in your interests, you learn a lot. Constantly monitoring your feeds and ask yourself if what you are seeing has any value to you. Or you are just wasting time consume information that has no value to you at all.

    • Use it to practice writing.

    Every time you are about to post, take a few moments to see if you are using correct grammar, are your punctuation position correctly and if your message clear. Doing this will challenge you to improve on your writing and be better. 

    • Showcase your skills, interest and hobbies 

    What is the best way to than social media to showcase your skills and talent? 99% of people will go through your social account before even hiring or connect with you. So to get to know you a little about you. To make their judgment about you. Am sure you have done the same. Start posting what you are good at, your interest and hobbies. 

    • Advertise your business if you have one.

    If you have any project you are doing, Social media is a platform to share your ideas and the business you are involved with, And It is the best way to advertise to people.

    • Connect with like-minded individuals.

    Build a meaningful connection with people who like what you are doing or any field you are interested in is a phenomenal idea. Through social media, you can follow groups or individuals who share your interest and value. By you connected you will learn tons of information. And it is always a forum to post your question that you need help.

    Start to recognize the social media is a tool and use it to your advantage. Don’t go through your social media without you benefit anything.

    Until next time be true to yourself.

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