Self-love is the best love.

Loving oneself isn’t a one-time thing it has to be an everyday job. You have to be conscience aware of your every thought and action toward yourself. Daily reaffirming your love for yourself is one way of showing love to your self. Click on the link here for daily affirmation you can use.

Stop comparing your self to others.

 As Theodore Roosevelt said before. —Comparison is the thief of joy.” 

If you find yourself most of the time comparing yourself to others, Checking their social media feeds and start feeling an unpleasant emotion. That is indiction you need to affirm your love towards yourself. 

How to show self-love is to become aware of and avoid your triggers.  

Start noticing the situations, circumstance and people that cause you to play the comparison game. Make a list of who and what you frequently envy or compare yourself to. Write how each it affects you negatively, and why it’s a waste of your time. Resolve to catch yourself next time. Avoid comparison triggers if you can, especially if the activity or contact doesn’t add meaning or any real value to your life.

Self-love journey is one step at a time. So I dare you today show yourself love by not compare yourself to anyone.

until next time , stays true to yourself. 





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