How to spare yourself from disappointment from people.

How you think someone perceives you: is 100% different from YOU. Everyone is unique. We are all wired differently. How you mentally imagine your family, friends and your boss seeing you is different from you. If you give two people the same image to paint, you will get a different result.

Assuming people around you should be as you imagine in your head lead to self-suffering. I most of the time i expect my family and friends to respond as i mentally picture it. Which in most case they don’t. This hurt and i get mad at them for not showing up as i expected. I felt what i am asking of them is easy and can be done. If the role were switched, i will do exactly what i want them to do.

We have these stories on our heads, how people around us should be. Once they don’t match our mental stories we get disappointed. It is about time we start to look at the people as they are, not how it should be. If we go beyond self and start paying attention to who people are. You will learn them very well, by understanding them you will know what to expect and what to ask of them.

Looking at the world and people as they are, is going beyond your self. It will feel overwhelming and neglecting your our feels. But in the end, You will spare yourself lots of disappointment that you could not otherwise avoid if you perceive people from your frame of mind.

It takes practice. You have to vigilant, you will fail most time. Above all, if you keep at it, eventually it will become a habit.

Until next time, be true to yourself.


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