How to continue chasing after your dream when you feel like quitting?

How to continue chasing after your dream when you feel like quitting?

For the beginner, people who are out there, starting on anything and feeling over well. By what they want and where there are at the moment. The person you envision and the person you are the opposite of the coin. The question most of us keeping asking ourselves how do i get there. What is the timeline, and how long will it take? This question we ask ourselves makes us anxious. And start to doubt our ability to achieve what we set for ourselves. 

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Do not lose hope

When starting working towards our goals and dreams, we feel motivated and excited to work towards them. After a while, our energy level lower. We feel overwhelmed. We feel lost and discouraged, And disappointed in ourselves. Sometimes we do even want to work on them anymore. We start thinking of quitting. You will start coming up with justifications why things are going as plan. Once you believe the excuse you are telling yourself, you stop working on your dreams and goals.

It is very critical to achieve our dreams and goals we set for ourselves. So it is a must we equipped ourselves with the necessary tools that will set us for success. The following are ways to help you continue pursuing your goals even when you do not feel like it.

  • Shift your perception around your goals. 

Anything you set for yourself to do is an opportunity to learn and improve yourself. Start to view your goal as a tool to gain skills. Because when you have a learning mindset will enable you to be patient and give you courage. With a learning mindset, you’re always able to approach any task as an opportunity to learn new skills. Everything around you is a learning opportunity for you.

  • Read books

Constantly reading books that focus on personal development and areas we feel stuck. It helps you to stay focus and motivated.

  • Connect we like-minded individuals

The people we surround ourselves with can help us succeed or fail. Be around people who inspire us. Read here on how to know if the people around you add value or not. 

Every time you set a goal for yourself, you venture to unknown territory. It has ups and downs. It required you to be patient and willing to persevere through difficulties.

Until next time, be true to yourself.

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