How to deal with rejection

Have you experience rejection before or reject someone/ idea?

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We all know being rejected isn’t the best feeling to experience. And we have also inflicted the same feeling to others. We all guilty of this crime. 

The truth of the matter is, we will still face rejection in our life and also reject. So Your best strategy is to plan on how to deal with it.  

1. It is not your fault 

When someone rejected you or your idea is because of their perceptions and knowledge they have on the subject. And they aren’t will to have an open mind about it. That is why they are turning you down. Once you grasp this concept you will able to deal with rejection easily.

2. Ask why?

Develop a habit of Asking why the person who is dismissal you, it will help you to understand the reason for being rejected. In that way, you’ll have an insight into that person’s perceptive. 

Adopting these two strategies will help you to deal with rejection from a place of understanding. Thinking someone will understand you as you do is a big mistake. Practise being okay when people around you see things differently. For more understanding of rejection should read a book call Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang.

Until next time be true to yourself.

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