How to get clarity on what you want.

Do you get stuck on thinking if you are on the right path or not? The Feel is overwhelming and confusing about where you are to where you want to go.
You aren’t alone through that stage in life. Everyone at some point did. I am on that stage of life too. Trying to define which path to take that will fulfill me as a person. Taking advice from family and society but still asking myself what do i want?
Do what you love, follow your passion and look for a profitable career, that is the most common advice you get from people. The information sounds brilliant and safe to follow. Other times it feels terrifying, especially when you don’t know what exactly you want in your life.
It’s okay to not know what you want at the moment. It just means you have the job to figure it out. Write down anything that interests you and starts to explore during your spare time. It is a journey of hell of a fun and pushing your limit to discover your self at the same time exhausting. But remember to enjoy every bit of it.
Until next time be true to yourself.

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