Letting Go

Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.

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The following words will help you improve your self – beliefs, self-confidence and self-worth. Read over and over. If this is your first reading this click here to read part one.

I take full responsibility for where I am in life
I let go of blaming others
I let go of the anger towards others
I accept an apology I may never receive
I free myself from holding on to resentment and bitterness
knowing that negative emotions poison my mind
therefore I let go
I let go of any past hurt whether conscious or accidental
I forgive others to free myself
I free myself of other silent and explicit expectation
I am free to move and design my own life
I take on important decisions that I may have delayed or avoided previously
I have the courage to face these decisions
To take full responsibility to create the best life
To be the best person I can be
Visualizing and comparing myself to the highest potential self I know lies inside me
I have all the resources I need to make a life that I want.
I break down the walls of artificial constraints
I take full responsibility for my freedom of choice
I decide more actively who I want in my life and who I do not
I live in peace and compassion with everyone
My time is valuable and I choose who to give my time to
My time is the gift that I spend carefully
I choose whom I share my goals and dream with
I balance going for goals with time for rest and rejuvenation
However, I spend my energy whether on goals or on the present moment
I spend my energy more and more positively
As I feel my optimism increase
Negative people in my life simply fade away
They control loosen
Their words fade into the distance
I feel quite a confidence radiates from my core
I attract the right people in my life
I am always discerning of who I spend my time with
My personal story is valuable and I choose who share with
I am ready to release past pain
I am letting go of present-day doubts
I simply use my past to learn more and make better choices for the future
I use my past experience to understand my self better
To design a life around my strengths
I do have strengths
I have a unique gift to give this world
We are all a mix of strengths and weaknesses
and I learned to design my life around my strength
I let go of perfection everything
I simply aim to be better at my strengths
Whatever I am working towards
I know I will see results in time
I am patient with myself
I find the resilience to continue
I congratulate myself and stay focused on the next step
I use setbacks as an opportunity to learn
My past does not dictate my future
I am breaking out of old cycles
I am raising my awareness
As I learn more about myself
I manage thoughts and action more consciously
I have so much positive potential
I trust in my own abilities
I know that positive change is one step at a time
One day at a time
I focus onto each step, each positive steps
I know that great results come from quiet change, small steps
I know that the greatest potential for change comes from inside mind from my own internal resources
My self-belief is increasing
I find the courage to be uniquely me
I move more and more into aligning my life with my uniqueness
I embrace a life that allows me to be me
And I feel tension dissolving as I accept myself
I am easing into my fullest potential
I am letting go of wasted energy
As I allow my true light to shine
I find peace of mind
I refuse to give up
I remember to give myself time to rest to learn as well as go for goals
Aligning 100% of mind to unlock my life potential
I break down the artificial walls of limiting self-beliefs
I allow myself, to be fully seen as uniquely me
And so it is.

Until next time, stay true to yourself XOXO.

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