How do we protect ourselves from people prejudice?

People will always project their fear, insecurity, doubts, pain and misery onto you. And you also do that to people around you. Whether subconscious or consciously, you are aware we humans are projecting these emotions to people. These people are dear to us. They are our family members, friends and colleague. The question now becomes how do you protect ourselves and the people around us.
How do we protect ourselves?

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Start Paying attention to what people are communicating to you and vice versa. 

  • Start living a mindful life. Become more aware of your surrounding. Pay close attention to what people are communicating. Read people’s words and start to analyze them. What are they trying to say, not what you think they are saying. It will help you sieve out people’s prejudice and take what is valuable to you.  
  • It will help you recognize the fear and insecurity you are projecting onto people, and you can make a conscious decision to stop.

The acknowledgment you are the culprit.

We all are as bad as the people we blame. Everyone, some way or the other, has put our fear unto people around us.

  • By just realizing and understand, we all do the same projecting, our insecurity, fear, doubt, misery and pain. It put you in a position where you stop playing the victim. You stop blaming people and take responsibility for what you allow in. And also, Take ownership to be mindful of what you project to others.

In conclusion, If you live your life letting people project their fear onto you, it will stop you from taking the next step in your life. Or you will be making life decisions base on what they feel is good but not what you truly desire. Remember, the fear and insecurity come mostly from the people we care for dearie. It is your job to recognize this and protect yourself. 
Until next time, be true to yourself.

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