How can we build mental strength?

We all have gone through a rough page of our life where we wish to have mental toughness or strength to deal with, but we don’t know how to acquire it. We felt weak and thinking we aren’t going to make it this time. Eventually, we did manage to move past misery. But we live our lives with the fear of the next pain. The question becomes how do we build our mental toughness to deal with whatever comes to life. Life is not easy. So we have to prepare ourselves. 

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Let’s begin by describing mental strength. What is mental strength?  “Mental strength is first the capacity that an individual has to deal effectively with the stressors, challenges and pressure to present their best performance despite their circumstances. Or it is also part of the personality trait that contributes a large part to how an individual deals with stress, the pressures and challenges facing the no matter what the situation is around them.

How can we build mental strength?


Know yourself, spend time examining your self. Learn to Recognizes your weakness, strength, emotions and blind spot. The deep-rooted value you hold. You are a complex being. Learning about yourself is an ongoing process. 

How do you learn about yourself?

  1. Reading books on self-development helps you reshape your perception of life. By changing, the perception you will start questioning the beliefs you hold. Constant reading helps to point out your strength and weakness. It is important to form a reading habit.                   
  2. Involve yourself in competitive sport or anything that you have to push yourself off the comfort zone. It will build you up mental toughness 
  3. Be around people who will help you see your blind spot, things you do that you aren’t aware of it at all.


Once you begin to know yourself and start to embrace your good and bad side, It is an opportunity to see what you can work on to improve. That is how you build your self mental strength. And remember it not a one-time action. It is a lifetime action. 

Until next time be true to yourself.

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