How to become your own person

Having high standards.

You must adhere to the highest standards in your life. Strive for excellence, to make something that will resonate with the public and last. To fall short of this is to disappoint people and to let down your audience, and that makes you feel ashamed. To maintain such standards, you must develop self-discipline and proper work habits. You must pay great attention to the details in your work and place a premium value on effort.

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The first thought or idea that comes to you is most often incomplete and inadequate. Think more thoroughly and deeply about your ideas, some of which you must discard. Do not become attached to your initial idea, but rather treat them skeptically. Keep in mind that your life is short, that it could end any day. You must have a sense of urgency to make the most of this limited time. You don’t need deadlines or people telling you what to do and when to finish. Any motivation you need comes from within. You are complete and self-reliant.

 The Benefits of having high standards 

Such a voice will likewise help us push beyond the ​​obstacles that life places in our path. It might seem at first glance that having such a voice from within could lead to a rather harsh and unpleasant life, but in fact, it is the opposite. There is nothing more disorienting and depressing than to see the years pass by without a sense of direction, grasping to reach goals that keep changing and squandering our youthful energies. 

Much as the outer authority helps keep the group unified, its energy channel toward productive and higher ends. The inner authority brings you a sense of cohesion and force. You are not gnawed by the 

the anxiety that comes with living below your potential. 

Feeling the higher self in ascendance, you can afford to indulge that lower self, to let it out at moments to release tension and not become a prisoner of your Shadow. And most importantly, you no longer need the comfort and guidance of a parent or leader. You have become your mother, father and your leader. Truly independent and operating according to your inner authority.

I pull this small segment from the book, The law of human nature by Robert Green. I highly recommend you read it, A lot of gold nugget to extract from the book. The book helps to understand yourself and others.

Until next time, be true to yourself.



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