The most valuable payment is time

There is nothing for nothing. 

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I have come to realize everything has a price. There is nothing you haven’t pay for in your life. Everything you possess in your life, you have pays for it, in one way or the other. And you are continuing to pay for its maintenance fee. You pay with your time or cash. 

The most valuable payment is time, And Everyone has it. You can recover the money when you give it out, but the time can never obtain back. Once it is gone, it is gone. You will never get back yesterday or the day before yesterday. Tomorrow may seem like yesterday, but it is not. 

Everyone is rich with time. Both Poor and rich people are equally with time, Use wisely. Your time is a gift spending it carefully. On the activities and actions that make you grow. Choose whom you spend your time with, the people that motivate you to become the better version of yourself.

Until next time, be true to yourself.


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