How to use the emotion of anger to your advantage?

I used to assume that getting angry with people i care for wasn’t a good thing but not anymore. When someone upset me. I regard it as an opportunity to analyze the relationship without the bias of the love i have for them. Without, suppress the anger i feel. I use emotion to evaluate every aspect of our relationship.

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Lately, a lot of people have upset me. I have to wonder why over a sudden everything they say to me sounds hateful and mean. But besides my feelings of late, people can be ungrateful that also includes me.

So i took the opportunity to evaluate my relationships i do that very well when a piss off. To my surprise, i have known of their behaviour ever since i came to know them. I have been ignoring and overshadow their actions towards me. Just because most of the time, i am in the mental frame of appreciative of them being a part of my life.

What i have learned it is okay to be upset at someone. It allows you to open your eyes to analyze them without being blind by the love you have towards them. For me when i shift my mind in analyzing them i slowly start to let go of anger and resentment towards them. Once you elevate yourself about your emotion it can be fun to study people.

Until next time be true to yourself.

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