What it means taking ownership of your life

Taking ownership of your life is liberating.

Taking ownership of your life can be liberating. But before you jump into the idea. You must understand what it entails and work it needed. Taking ownership means you cannot blame anyone, anything and situation for any aspect of your life. This includes your health, finances, possessions, your partner, your friends, good and bad experience, the house you are living in and food consumed. In short, you can’t hold anything accountable expect yourself. Anything has or will happen it is all boils down to, the decision and chooses each individual makes.

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This may sound unfair, but when you look closely at any experience you had in past. You will discover that before the event took place, there was more than one possibility to choose from. Someone or situation may influence your decision, but in the end, You allowed being influenced. Talking ownership is to accept that you are responsible for anything in your life. It is your fault.

My experience in ownership.

The first time i was reading ownership topic. I did not accept it, especially when i look back at past experiences. I still don’t believe some of the incidents happen to me it is my fault. But i told myself, instead of looking at my past. And trying to convince me it isn’t my fault. Why do i live my life from now on as it is my responsibility? It is not an easy road, but i am committed to the path. Sometimes i find myself blaming others or situations. But the moment i am aware of myself accusing. I would ask myself a question, To shift my attention to accountability. This the question i would ask my self. What would i have done differently to prevent current experience? If you let the question sink in, you will realize you always have some sought of a choice. 

Importance of taking ownership of your life

When you’re responsible for your life, you have the power of choice. But when you blame people or situations, you are giving out your power. Today i encourage you to take full responsibility for every aspect of our life. But it is an everyday battle with yourself. To be alert on every decision and action you take.

Until next time be true to yourself.

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