Questions to ask when considering removing some people from your life.

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The people with whom We choose to associate are the source of what we know and how we feel. There are three major questions, which those in search of a better life must ask themselves.

  • QUESTION #1: Who am I around?  

It pays to take a survey once in a while of those people who touch our lives daily. And to mentally weigh the effect these members of our inner circle might be having on us. 

Questions to ask when considering removing some people from your life.

  1. What reputation do they have with those who are productive, knowledgeable and respected? 
  2. What is the level of their past accomplishments? 
  3. What is the depth of their knowledge? Do they understand the value and importance of attitude, goals and personal development? 
  4. How many books have they read in the past ninety days? 
  5. How many classes or seminars have they attended to develop new skills or to refine their current abilities?
  6. How do they look upon the value of virtues such as commitment, persistence, fairness, patience and diligent activity? 
  7. What is it about them that makes their advice, opinions and counsel valuable? 

Hopefully, our inner circle does not consist of people whose quality assets are an unlimited supply of jokes and distorted opinions. Those who can reach us and affect us daily should inspire us, not spread the seeds of doubt and dissent with their pessimism, complaining and ridicule of others. Maintaining a positive attitude in life’s challenges is difficult enough without this kind of influence in our lives.

  • QUESTION #2: What effect are they having?

It is easy to let the wrong people slip into our lives. That is why we must take a close look at this circle of influence. We must frequently assure ourselves that they have not invaded our garden of opportunity. And sowing seeds of negativity and doubt. We have all probably accumulated a few close friends. Whose attitudes and habits are damaging to our chances for success and happiness. They are good people with the best intentions, but if their effect is wrong. Then we may have to make some difficult choices, In the effort to protect ourselves from their influences. We might have to walk away from people we have known for many years to develop more positive and motivating friendships.

The Questions to ask to decide what effects your friends have on you?

  1. Where do they have us going?
  2. How have they got us talking? 
  3. What have they got us thinking, reading and doing?
  4. What influence they have on our ability to perform well? To grow and feel good about what we are doing?
  5. Most important of all — what do they have us becoming?
  • QUESTION #3: Is that acceptable?

Once you have determined their influence, And it is not agreeable time to cut them off. Re-evaluating our associations can be difficult. Progress is often painful, but so are the consequences of allowing other people to exercise undue influence upon us. To protect our better future, we must have the courage to disassociate whenever necessary. That may not be an easy choice, but it may be a necessary one. 

  • Why take such drastic action?

Because the negative influence is too powerful and too threatening, Never underestimate its power on you. The reason why it is so powerful it can change us and change can be hard to reverse. Disassociation is not something to be treated lightly. Must be done carefully and thoughtfully. But if we are sincere about changing ourselves and designing a better future, we are obligated to distance ourselves from those who have the wrong impact on us. 

  • Proverbs 13: 20

“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”


Reference book:

  • The Five Major Piece to the Life Puzzle – By Jim Rohn. Click here to listen to the audiobook.
  • Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash
  • Bible 

Until next time, be true to yourself.

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