What makes a great listener?

A good Listener

I recently discover among my friends, one of them is a good listener. Not to say others aren’t, but she is exceptionally good at it. Everyone is a good listener in certain conversations, but not all time. Most people are selective listeners. When it comes to new information, we are very attentive. Once the information is known to us, Our attention shifted to our internal dialogue. And listen to pass our opinion, on what we are hearing. 

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What makes a great listener. 

To make you a good listener, you have to possess the qualities of a good listener. My friends have all the following traits. I believe anyone can cultivate these qualities. When we take time to practice in our daily interaction with people around us. 

  • They are Attentive 

They pay close attention to what you are saying when talking to them all the time, Whether the information is new or has had before. When mind saunter away while listening to you, Quickly bring back attention to the conversation.

  • They are an empathic listener.

They very empathetic when they listen to you. Listen in such a way to understand what you are trying to communicate, not what they think about the subject. They will show that they are listening carefully. You can tell by their body language.

  • They only offer the option when asked. 

They avoid offering their opinions or tell you what you should do. Give you time to express your thoughts freely, without the feeling of them judging you. There I nothing beautiful than having a person who lets you communicate your in-most thoughts without being judged. 

The world needs a good listener, And it starts with you. Every time you complain that no one gets you or understands you. Ask yourself this question i am I a good listener?

Be true to yourself.

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