Your Sense of self, Worth and Identity

Never put your sense of yourself on your body, possession or in someone. Those things change, and you can lose them. Every time you lost someone, apart from your body or the material. Your self worth gradually diminishing. That leads to feelings of emptiness, loss and hate. Your body, possession and people aren’t secure of a solid foundation of your worth.

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Let’s say you base your worth on your body.

What happens when you can’t use your body. Where will you drive your sense of self? Remember going through life body change. You will grow old and wrinkles. You will not have a perfect shape anymore. People around you will stop praising and admiring you. And if your sense of worth were base on that. On those particular days, you will feel lost, unloved and unappreciated. You will dislike yourself for getting old and feeling helpless. Your self-identity will suffer tremendous loss.

A good example is from;

People who have been involved in an accident and lost their mobility. They will tell you, the first step to recovery is to understand you are more than your body. You have to let go of identifying yourself as a body. And look within your inner being. In most cases, They have to drive their sense of self from within themselves. It is good to build your self-identity and worth within yourself.

It is from the possession;

And if you build your worth on the material you have accumulated, what happens when you lose it? I have had stories of very successful people commit suicide after going bank draft. It is a clear indication that they tired their self-identity and self-worth on wealth. Instead of the habit and character, they build long the way to accumulate their fortune.

Core Values

The key is to build your self-worth and identity on personal core values because they are within yourself. No one will be able to touch it, and you have full control over it. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person. These guiding principles dictate behaviour and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. And give the principles for living a good life.

Of course, core values aren’t always positive. Some people may be- driven by self-interest or greed, and these are core values too. Likewise, build in on the core value that uplifts you and your community. It’s important to distinguish between core values and things that we value. For example, we might Value street lighting. But street lighting is not a value. The Value we might associate with street lighting could be safety or security.

I am not here to tell you to neglect your body, someone or possession. But to remind you to constantly checking on where you put your sense of self, identity and worth. It is easy to attach our self-worth with what we see in our daily life. Your identity is more than what you have.
Until next time stay true to yourself.

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