How to lived with people

 I understand it can be challenging living with your boss, especially when they host you as part of a contract with them. As much it is a challenge, there are ways to make your stay pleasant. I will share with you what i have personally use to leave with my boss.

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How to make your stay pleasant 

First, Study and scrutinize your host.

This process is ongoing until your last day. Know them well, what they like, their weakness and strength. Find what values and morals they hold. How do they behave when they are under stress. Pays close attention to actions than what they say. Humans are good at saying one thing while doing the other.

Once, you have started to know little about your host. Use the knowledge to your advantage. For example, you know your boss has a favourite coffee cup, she or he doesn’t like anyone using it. Avoid using that cup. The data you are gathering is for you to use. To make your stay smooth and easy. Or when stressed from their works, tended to find fault in anything. So try not to take anything they say personally.

Don’t get too comfortable to a point you forget your position. 

We all tend to get comfortable after spending so much time with people around us, quickly start to treat our boss as equals. Subconsciously or knowing you will want your boss to treat as equal. This expectation Will create tension between you and your boss.

You will start to give comments and opinions shouldn’t say. Keep your preference and likings to yourself, about how the house should run. Don’t get comfortable to a point you forget your position as an employee. Keep boundaries.

Learn to listen and understand.

We have preferences and opinions on everything we surround ourselves with, it is okay to have them because it makes who you are. But at the same time, they aren’t your boss’s opinions and likings. Learn to listen and understand what your boss wants from you, not what you think. Understand your boss’s point of reference whenever given the task to do. It will enable you to do the work to your boss’s satisfaction. With that kind of good rapport creates peace living together. 

Plan a vacation every few months.

Having a place to go now and then it is a good idea. Take a weekend off where you will relax and spend time on your own. Regroup yourself and reset your mind. Have fun while you’re there, don’t think about your work. Let go and be in the now focus on yourself. It will relax you and put you in a peaceful state of mind.

Living with people isn’t easy, especially if they aren’t your close family. You might do everything but still finding it difficult, to stay you have to leave. If you have to live, study them use the data you have collected. Learn to listen and understand. Remember to get away for vacation to regroup yourself. 

Until next time be true to yourself.

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