The laws of Human nature.

The Law of Shortsightedness

It is in the animal part of your nature to be most impressed by what you can see and hear in the present—the latest news reports and trends, the opinions and actions of the people around you, whatever seems the most dramatic. That’s is what makes you fall for alluring schemes that promise quick results and easy money. And also what makes you overreact to present circumstances—becoming overly exhilarated or panicky as events turn one direction or the other.

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Learn to measure people by the narrowness or breadth of their vision; avoid entangling yourself with those who cannot see the consequences of their actions, who are in a continual reactive mode. They will infect you with this energy. Your eyes must be on the bigger picture that governs events, on that which is not immediately visible. Never lose sight of your long-term goals. With an elevated perspective, you will have the patience and clarity to reach almost any objective.

I pluck out the information above from the book of The Laws of Human nature. I highly recommend you should read and study it. For you to able to observe and practise the law of Shortsightedness, You must be aware of yourself. Study yourself every day. Once you learn, the rule you should live it. Through practising, you will master the law of shortsightedness. Also Watch yourself as one watches some else, soon you will start to notice where you fall short of the law. The mastery of the law comes from practising the law, every single day of your life.

Until next time be through to yourself.



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