Importance of painful experience

If I take every situation as a learning opportunity, I will have the strength to face it. Especially when those situations that cause me so much pain. I go through now and then painful experiences. I don’t know of anyone who has a painless life. And I am sure if you haven’t just remembered, you will go through it soon. 

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Most of the time, I am willing to learn anything when it’s not a painful process because it is within the comfort zone. But when I experience pain and discomfort, I tend to shut down my learning abilities. And blame the situation. I have realized It is very- important also to be willing to open up during hard times to learn and expand my knowledge.

Importance of painful experience

I have come to learn about the hard time that I go through days of my life, As change my perspective of the suffering. The following are what I learned about it.

  • Pain is a tool

 I Have notices that during difficult times it pushes me from my comfort zone into the unknown area, where  I have no choice but to learn and adjust. Fight to go back to my comfort zone or make my reality as a new comfort zone. 

  • It reveals your weakness. 

During difficult times when I go through hell, get to see my weakness, Which is an eye open to look at what you need to improve yourself. With me knowing what I luck,  I can go to work to acquire them. 

  •  Help you discover your strengths.

It has Helps me discovered how strong as a person I am. I didn’t know to exist inside. It is like an opportunity to display your abilities and skills. 

From now onwards, every difficulty experience, I want to start looking at as an opportunity for me to learn and expand myself or discover my inner strength. I know it hard to remember when in the hit of the situation. So I wrote this to be my reminder when I forget my promise. 

 Until next time be true to yourself.


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