It is not about people it is about you

I have found out in life is not what people do or say to you matters. It is your reaction and how you handle it. You will never control what people say or do, but you can choose how you react.

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People will blame you for their mistake because they don’t what to take responsibility for it. The truth is no one wants to take responsibility when things don’t go as a plan. No one wants to feel guilty, so they blame it on someone or things. And you also do that.

Your job is to uncover this and try not to let it disrupt your peace of mind. By building awareness, mental toughness to deal with people in your life. Here is the Disclaimer, You will not be going to catch yourself retaliate to what people say and do on time or all the time. But once it comes to your realization, you activate your guard.

Until next time, be true to yourself.

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