Questions to ask yourself during hard times.

Why being gratefully sometimes doesn’t help when you are going through stressful times. Have you find yourself in so much agony even what usually you enjoy doesn’t feel good anymore. You are trying so hard to focus on positive in your life. But doesn’t elevate your emotions.

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I find trying to be grateful when I am sad i stifle my feelings. We all know that suppress emotion down. It is equally intensely further. I know They are people who can still manage to feel grateful all the time, but if you are one of those people who find it harder time to stay thankful. 

This is for you.

What you can do is to become aware of your feels. Experience them without judging or labelling. Feel it without trying to get rid of them. Acknowledge what you are going through. Don’t shame yourself for your feeling. Feel all the rage and fury rising when you think about the situation. It is okay to feel what you are feeling. What is not okay is to stay in negative emotion for a long period.

How you get out of the negative emotions.

Now start asking yourself questions: What i am feeling? Write it down what you are feeling at the moment. Writing it down helps with express the stress out. 

The next question should be What i am learning from this experience? At first, you will answer by blaming someone or a situation. Slowly start to answer the question of what you could have done differently. Taking ownership while answering the questions empowers. Remember, you cannot control other people’s actions and words or situations, but you can choose how you react. Read more on taking ownership by clicking here.

I find this procedure of asking myself questions. I don’t have to stifle my emotions. But to let go. Every time i repeat the questions, not only i learnt more from my experience. All the rage, disappointment, hatred and pain start to fade. I become more eager to learn from the experience.

AS much be gratitude all the time is a good thing. It may also not work when you are facing a hard time or going through painful emotions in your life. But asking yourself questions about what you are learning during those times will gradually raise your emotions. 

Until next time be true to yourself. 

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